Me and Levi Cash~*~

Me and Levi Cash~*~ This time. I think it was like my third shoot after I signed the contract.. Still extremely shy. So anyway, this time I had a scene with Levi cash, a Miami’s Local. I personally think it was a kinda cool scene. We shot the whole thing in this Mansion In Miami on a Marble Floor( Just to say High Heels, Water, Marble floors and SEX.. Don’t go well) and I was frying under those big lights (you know, those Bright,Hot.and BLINDING shooting lights.) lol it was one of those learning scenes for all of Us Including: Cezar (the Director) I don’t think hes going to shoot with Marble floors and water again’

P.S. Yeah by the way I almost felt on the floor after I slept, good thing Johny had a great reaction and caught me before I broke those big lights. Of course they ended up cutting that part but that was hilarious and at the same time scary as hell… I’ll ask my producer to give me that part they cut so I can show it to you later… love you, your Morgan. These pics came from my movie Morgan Dayne Deviant.