Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who are you?

Well im ♥☆Little Miss Morgan Dayne☆♥ ! WHO DID YOU THINK I WAS? IM A GIRL WITH A LOT OF AMBITISH AND A COUNTRY GURL AT HEART.and I can def be Cocky at times.. But I do it with a smile on my face.. I said Cocky not Bitchy. Just so you know 😛

Question 2: How old are you when you started making movies for Cezar Capone and were you’re from?

19 years old and from Jersey originally… But Currently live in Florida.

Question 3: Is this your site?

No its my twin sisters site? Yes it is mine.. Are these seriously FAQ? There pretty dumb lol. Im on here almost daily.  I love reading what all of you have to say… its intriguing.

Question 4: WOW. You are super cute, what is your exotic look all about?

I’m half puerto Rican and half german… I have the most important Puerto Rican features. And the german side is the softness I have in my face! And the side that cant hold a tan!!

Question 5: Hold on, I saw you go both ways?

Left and right? Yes I do im Totally bi sexual. But im extremely picky especially when it comes to gurls.I don’t understand those guys who will have sex with anygurl. THAT’S NASTY!!!!. Even all the gurls I shoot with have to be tested.I mostly go for blonde gurls but every once in a while ill see a HOT brunette ..

Question 6: What drives you every morning?

I love all parts of life, my family my boyfriend and friends mean the world to me, without them, without their support, I will not be able to make it. Also all the younger ones who look up to me not only as a model but as a person. The ones that will look at you in your eyes and say “I want to be like you”

Question 7: Do you care what people say about the choices you make?

My choices are fully supported by those who I love and that’s all I care about .. I hate 2 faced gurls. Who act like your friend only to get close to you. Then they get jealous and treat you like shit because ur successful and they will always be working for other people.. I also think the religious holy rollers should keep there opinions to themselves there the most hypocritical people I know ..

Question 8: Was that you on Playboy TV with that drunk ass girl Britney?

Yes, that was me on Playboy TV in the reality series called Sex Lives with my girl Britney. It was a casting session for that reality series on Playboy TV that introduced me to Cezar Capone and that is how I got my start in porn.