Some Details About Me

This is my biography of sorts.  Well I guess.  I’m Half German/Half Puerto Rican. I Spent years of my life on Camp Lejeune …. My Hobbies Consist of Horse Back Riding, Time with the Family, Shopping, Scuba Diving, Working on my Trans am and pretty much whatever comes my way. Im not afraid to try something at least once. I’m also Not like most Teenagers. I Don’t Party, Drink or do Drugs.   When I began my career I was a 19 year old Country Girl @ heart, and in the Adult film industry, originally from vine land, NJ, residing in Ft Lauderdale FL. I love what I do and everything that comes with it. What else is better then Great sex, Fun, Traveling, fans and being able to inspire people sexually while still keeping your grounds and morals ?  (and yes I said “Morals”)

Morgan Dayne Morgan Dayne Morgan Dayne

My Motivation

in this industry are all the younger ones who look up to me as a role model, not only because what I do but also as a person. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking into the eyes of the people you inspire and hearing them say they want to be just like you, also the smiles you put on there faces just by answering them back in a message or sending a picture. That’s what keeps me waking up the morning happy to be doing what I do even though the stresses sometimes seem overwhelming…

Morgan Dayne Morgan Dayne

Something I’m Proud Of

Magazines! Penthouse Aug 08, barley legal Oct 08, Hawk Holiday 08, Cheri Jan 09 Hustler March 09 Also had 2 nominations at AVN 09 for Best New Gonzo Release and Best Tease Performance.  I also loved being on the Playboy TV reality series called Sex Lives.   Although we filmed it years ago, it now lives on re-runs a few times a year.  It was  a lot of fun filming the show and I made some great friends.

Playboy TV Sex Lives